Birdlist KoS

Rhodes University compiled a list of some 42 birds that they spotted during their census of June 2001. These birds are listed in the University’s letter published under the KoS Nature Reserve tag.

In addition, the Sunshine Coast Tourism office in Kenton Road sells copies of the booklet below.

Birdlist booklet 2017-11-10

list cropped halved


Reported sightings and photographs from local watchers and holiday makers will be published below as at the date when the photos were received.

16 November 2018

Photos of recently fledged Knysna Woodpecker taken by Rob Boyd at 47 Bathurst St, Kenton. Parents successfully bred in a nesting log provided by the home owner.

16 November 2018

The homeowner in Bathurst St reported that the number of Red necked Francolins visiting her garden has diminished substantially this year. She suspects they have been poached. This view was repeated by another home owner in Butt Street.

Red necked Francolin