There are two important ways in which to assist:

  1. Do the occasional drive slowly around the areas of natural bush, especially at night between the hours between 11:30 and 5:30 in the morning. This is when most of the poaching takes place. If there is an intermittent, random presence of residents in the streets that skirt the nature reserve and the areas of natural bush 24/7 this will act as a deterrent to reduce opportunities for poaching.
  2. If you make a donation to Wildlife Watch this will help us to build up a fund to buy more trail cameras. These run on batteries and they require data cards, which have to be removed and inspected from time to time. So costs are ongoing. They include maintaining and monitoring the existing cameras, and signage.

Wildlife Watch funds are ring-fenced in the KOSRA Bank account.

KOSRA has a Standard Bank account in the name of ‘Kenton Rate Payers’.               Number 283948167 . Is is essential to use the reference ‘Wildlife Watch’. Please also send us an email so that we can acknowledge your donation.

Thank you