Habitat and flora

In June 2001, when Rhodes University surveyed the fauna and flora of the Joan Muirhead Nature Reserve it described the biome as ‘thicket’. It provided the list of flora below, mentioning several rare species, amongst others:

Haworthia venusta                                                           Hyacinthaceae Bowiea volubilis

haworthia venusta                                             bowiea volubilis

Source: Google images, unknown                                           Source: SANBI


Cycad Zamiaceae Encephaloartos spp.                          Cyrtanthus sanguineus   Kei lily


Amaryllidacae Cyrtanthus obliquus 

Knysna lily (Red data list)


                      Clivia nobilis                                                      Eulophia speciosa

Cyrtanthus clavatus (Red Data)                             Lachenalia Bowkeri (Endemic to EC)

Eulophia Speciosa Butt street, photo taken by Glenda Webster